We would like to welcome all our guests to Supercharged Supply Chain.  The hosts of the podcast, Ron Leibman and Joseph Paris, together have decades of experience in helping companies from around the world organize and optimize their supply chains.  Our goal is to share with our audience our experiences and to bring to your attention the latest advances in establishing and maintaining supply chains.  We will also help you to be aware of changes in rules and regulations as they become known to help you avoid uncomfortable situations and which might influence your business decisions.


Each episode will focus on some topic that supply chain professionals and businesses will benefit from being aware of and understanding.  In some episodes we will discuss opportunities for improving the manner in which your supply chain operates and is managed; in some episodes we will discuss new rules, regulations, or decisions which might influence the way you configure your supply chain and the paperwork involved; and in some episodes we will discuss the risks and rewards that might exist in the ever-changing dynamics that effect or influence supply chains decisions.