Joseph F. Paris, Jr.

Joseph F. Paris, Jr.

“Operational Excellence is a state of readiness attained as the efforts throughout the enterprise reach a state of alignment for pursuing its strategies; where the corporate culture is committed to the continuous and deliberate improvement of company performance and the circumstances of those who work there – and is a precursor to becoming a high-performance organization.”

Joseph F. Paris Jr. is a recognized thought leader on operational excellence; an international entrepreneur; a prolific writer; and a sought-after strategist, consultant, and speaker with engagements around the world. His book, “State of Readiness” (May 2017) has been well received and endorsed by business leaders from highly respected companies – with operations around the world and across industries – and promises to be a definitive work on the field of Operational Excellence.

With over 30 years of experience in international business and operations, he is routinely called upon to offer guidance to C-suite and senior executives and business-operations and -improvement specialists who wish to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of their organizations. He is highly valued for his ability to provide strategic insight and tactical analysis—and to convert these thoughts into reality by successful engagement and execution.

With a focus on improving the performance of companies and the conditions of those who work there, Paris is regularly sought by companies to help analyze and formulate their strategic vision, to design the tactics necessary to achieve their goals, to identify and organize the logistics necessary to support the plan, and to lead the execution phase. He is sought by companies and academia to explore and address the challenges and opportunities of today and illuminate and predict those of tomorrow. He is highly valued for his ability to squelch-out the noise and provide strategic analysis and tactical insight leading to successful deployment and execution.

Although he is an expert in the more granular facets of the discipline, he places a special emphasis on the cornerstones for success: the engagement of people and instilling a leadership culture as part of the company’s DNA. His end-goal is to help create high-performance individuals working in highperformance teams for high-performance organizations.

His vehicles for change and delivering the promises of operational excellence and being a high performance organization include the following:

Vehicles For Change


Founded in 1985, this is where it all began.  A business, technology, and operations management consultancy with a diverse portfolio of offerings and a worldwide footprint for engagements.  Our team of subject matter experts can accelerate the realization of your strategies – and for the company in the 21st Century, speed and decisiveness are the competitive advantage.


A “Think Tank” devoted to servicing seasoned business professionals and newcomers alike, the Society is an aggregator and creator of content and know-how to help companies and those who work there improve their circumstances. It’s vast body of knowledge offers keen insights and know-how for those interested in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their organizations. And our bookstore is a one-stop shop for those wanting to build their library.


The Readiness Institute is the leading education center for companies that want to become high-performance organizations – those who want to see further beyond the horizon than their competitors and want the organizational capacity and capability to quickly devise and deploy decisive responses to opportunities and threats. We offer readiness assessments and innovative education and training services with access to subject matter experts from across industries and disciplines.


Following on the success of Paris’ book is the podcast of the same name and is set as a “fireside chat” between Joseph Paris and a select leader in industry.  The actual topic of the conversation can vary widely, but it’s always comes back to a discussion about the journey and the lessons learned along the way.


Is a monthly podcast – a place where people from all businesses and roles within business can examine goings-ons from different and hopefully humorous perspectives.  It’s a place where we can be a lot less serious about ourselves, what we do, what our businesses do, and the manner in which they do it.


Is a monthly podcast that delves into the complex, complicated, and ever-changing world of getting product from a source to a destination.  The discussions will range from the operational, to the organizational, as well as current changes in rules in regulations – all of which will influence business decisions.

  • Chairman of the XONITEK Group of Companies®, an international management and operations consultancy helping companies located around the globe become highperformance organizaitons. Founded in 1985, XONITEK specializes in designing and deploying programs and efforts within companies with the aim of increasing company performance and improving the circumstances of those who work there with an emphasis on; building a culture of leadership, innovation, accelerated decision-making across business silos, leading transformational change, effecting the continuous and deliberate improvement in operations as accelerants of the achievement of company strategies, and the elevation of the human condition.
  • Founder of the Operational Excellence Society®, a think tank that creates and aggregates knowledge and know-how for professionals and companies who have the desire to achieve peek-performance across the entire value-chain of their enterprise. The Society has created a model, curriculum, and certification process for helping companies build the capabilities and capacity of their personnel across he functional business silos of the organization to facilitate their operational excellence journey – and also supports local chapters located around the world for those who wish to take the conversation from cyberspace and make it face-to-face.
  • Founder of the Readiness InstituteTM; the leading educational center for organizations and individuals interested in learning how to become a high-performance organization. The institute offers curriculum, training, learning tools, and academic resources. It also serves as a certifying body for companies and professionals who operate at peak-performance.
  • Author of “State of Readiness”; a recently released (May 2017) book on what it takes to become a high-performance organization and which has been reviewed and endorsed by senior business leaders from some of the most respected organizations from around the world. Also a podcast which will feature interviews with senior business leaders
  •  Producer and Co-Host of The Outliers InnTM, a monthly podcast that examines business issues from an atypical and often contrairian and irreverent perspective.
  • Owner of the Operational Excellence LinkedIn® group. With over 60,000 members and growning by and average of 150 members per week, the Operational Excellence Group is one of the most highly regarded groups on LinkedIn® with its quality content and engagement.
  •  Publisher of the Operational Excellence by DesignTM eNewsletter, a recognized and respected monthly publication with over 20,000 subscribers from around the world.
  •  A prolific writer and author on all aspects related to the subject of Operational Excellence. In addition to the publishing on his Blog, and writing for a variety of publications, Paris is the author of “State of Readiness” (May 2017).
  •  A routine lecturer for professionals and graduate students at universities where he speaks to classes on; business, operations, leadership, entrepreneurship, supply chain, and is particularly sought for his insights endeavors which involve multi-national and multi-cultural concerns.
  •  Delivering value at conferences and symposia with venues located around the world where he fulfills a variety of roles which include; Keynote Speaker

Paris currently serves on:

  • The Advisory Board of the Systems Science and Industrial Engineering (SSIE) Department in the Watson School of Engineering at Binghamton University
  • The Advisory Board of the Department of Industrial Engineering & Management and the RV College of Engineering (Bangalore, India)
  • The Editorial Board of the Lean Management Journal
  • The Advisory Boards of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE) Industry Advisory Board
  • The New York Chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG)
  • He was previously an Adjunct Professor at Cornell University’s Johnson School of Management.