Supply Chain Resilience

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Recorded: November 15, 2020

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About the podcast

In our last podcast, “Supply Chains in a VUCA World”, Ron and Joseph shared the risks to supply chains in a world that is not settled and predictable (and probably will never really be).  Under such circumstances, what are some of the countermeasures that can be deployed by a company to increase the reliability and effectiveness of its supply chains while maintaining a desired level of efficiency?

In this episode of Supercharged Supply Chain, Ron and Joseph will discuss the notion of “resiliency”.  How to build a robust enough supply chain so that any shocks can be recognized before they become a critical threat and, if the threats become a reality, how can a company best prepare to cope and avoid possible disruptions from their vendors and ensure their customers are not disrupted?

When the COVID Pandemic first started, automotive plants around the world endured a disruption to their businesses with many having to shut down for a period for lack of parts to produce their vehicles.  This, in turn, caused a disruption in the flow of vehicles to their customers.  And in December of 2020, a closing of the borders between the United Kingdom and France due to a new strain of COVID caused the early closing of Toyota plants in the UK of two days due to a parts shortage as a result of the closure.

Maybe one countermeasure to consider is not to be so focused on being Lean, but rather focus on being Fit.

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Hosts:Ron Leibman – Senior logistics executive, Lawyer for 22 years
Joseph Paris – Founder of the OpEx Society & The XONITEK Group of Companies
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