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Supply chain disruption

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Repurposed supply chains of the future must have resilience and responsibility at their heart

COVID-19 has disrupted supply chains around the world. But they’ve also been a vital lifeline to support the response, keeping essential medical supplies, food and other key necessities flowing where they’re needed most. There’s no doubt that the pandemic has tested the ingenuity, resilience and flexibility of supply chain leaders globally, as they have sought to maintain essential operations.

The pandemic has also proved to be a real test of corporate values and purpose. Consumers, investors, governments and communities may ultimately judge companies on how they respond to this period of disruption.

Impact on supply chains

With the virus still a live threat and a number of regions and economies in lockdown, while others emerge into a very different world, the disruption to supply chains continues to be severe. As economies restart, the supply chain will be critical to supplying goods and services quickly, safely and securely.

Business leaders must make rapid decisions, and take immediate actions to sustain business operations to serve their customers, clients and communities, as well as protect and support their workers.

The repurposed and reshaped supply chains of the future will need to be characterized by both resilience and responsibility. These will help communities manage the short-term crisis and enable businesses to build around their customers and help economies rebound.

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